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Bacillus S. is well known for its ability to naturally induce plant growth responses, and also has the ability to fix overused or imbalanced soil. FP-60 is the culmination of years of research to develop a unique strain of the bacteria for even greater results. The bacteria colonises on the host plant to form a “protective sheath”. As the bacteria grows, it produces phytohormones that can enhance plant growth and vigour, and will also protect young shoots or crops from temperature fluctuations. The end result improves plant health which ultimately produces higher yielding crops and returns, as well as improving overall soil health.

Mix 60ml – 240ml* of FP-60 per 100 Litres of water. When mixing add FP-60 to measure to a smaller container and allow to sit for 20 minutes for Bascillus to multiply, then add this to
the remainder of the water required. Spray the solution onto the target plant to run off. Re-apply every two weeks or as necessary. (*quantity required will depend on crop type and
application method being used)

Bacillus Ferment S5, Water

Avoid swallowing and eye contact. If swallowed in excess, drink 1-2 glasses of water; may cause gas or upset stomach. If eye contact occurs, rinse with water. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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