BioWeed Organic is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer coating of contacted plant and seed material, causing cell collapse and desiccation.

As a product made entirely from sustainable pine tree oil BioWeed Organic will immediately improve your weed control programs environmental impact. Replacing petrochemical herbicides will immediately begin to improve your soil health and alleviate soil residue concerns.


The only Premium weed and seed control that pays for itself long term. BioWeed Organic has a unique pre-emergent activity which kills weed seed in the soil. This reduces emerging weed pressure and can save up to 50% of your normal spray requirements.


BioWeed Organic is a safe and effective alternative to hand weeding around flowers, vegetables and other glasshouse polytunnel crops. There is no withholding period, maintains your soil health as there is no residue and is safe to use around the base of established crops offering a faster, cheaper and long-term weed control solution than hand weeding.

Before spraying with BioWeed Organic

Before Bioweed

Within hours of spraying with BioWeed Organic

Weeds after being sprayed with BioWeed

Days after spraying with BioWeed Organic

BioWeed Organic is an ideal stand-alone control agent for all certified organic uses. It can be used as the backbone of a successful spray program or as an adjunct to existing weed management practices.

It is very important to use the exact application pressures and volumes within the table below. Failure to strictly adhere to these measures could result in poor kill.

Contact us for your step-by-step guide to sustainable Organic weed control. We have a program for every operation – Commercial or Residential.

Bioweed Organic can be mixed at rates as high as 20% depending on what you wish to control. However, trials and customer feedback have shown that with our Ultra-Pure formula, you can see results at 10% as highlighted in our chart below.

Bioweed Organic Mixing Ratio

Tank size

(total spray mix)

BioWeed Organic 10%



1 Ltr

0.90 Ltr

0.10 Ltr

5 Ltrs

4.50 Ltrs

0.50 Ltr

10 Ltrs

9.00 Ltrs

1.00 Ltr